Kenyan women A to Z 

Kenyan women play in a different league; that we must give to them-if you know what that means. You get some of them working super hard to fend for families as single mothers, grow careers, deal with marauding city boys, develop businesses and many more.

In any single day, the head of a Kenyan woman keeps thinking back and forth on how to keep the beauty, gorgeousness and smiley face while still holding down what must be held.

Out there along the famous Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi or Oginga Odinga street in Kisumu, you’ll see the nicely dressed and fine looking women pacing up and down and admire their beauty and industry. Of course they are chasing money to pay up their Kenya women loans or overdue borrowings from Tala loan. It’s that busy and tight for them.

Getting to understand the uniqueness of Kenyan women

At the same time, the internet and social media is awash with a lot of stories accusing Kenyan women of involving themselves in nasty love triangles, husband snatching, becoming side-chicks at will, being the center of ugly divorce, name it. Yet among the Kenyan womenfolk is a breed of accomplished career and business women who find their pride in being active in shaping their life.

So with all these details and more in mind, what if we just shine much light into the life of the Kenyan women and look at them in their various sheds of achievements, struggles, choices, longings, shortcomings, aspirations, social life and everything in between? A good idea right? So let’s do this for the sake of helping avoid the oftentimes annoying mob misjudgment made on Kenyan women.  

A Kenyan woman for you

To hit the nail on the head, so much goes on in the life of an average Kenyan woman . Yes they may appear so calm, fashionable and at peace but get closer and you’ll notice their so many deep seated longings, frustrations, satisfaction, emotional wreck, charms…name it.

Again something that any informed person will realize is that an average  woman thinks faster than male counterparts. But the catch is that the very women get so devastated by emotional breakdown or when things do not go as per their expectations.

Notwithstanding the challenges that Kenyan women face, it’s never all doom and gloom because nobody compares to a Kenyan woman who sets out to be her best in career exploits, elegance or being fashionable. In fact this day and age presents a caliber of Kenyan women who have a great sense of independence and a can-do it attitude. Critics consider such women as being men in trousers or of subscribing to toxic feminism but really what stands out is that women are not accepting to be bystanders in any society anymore.

Don’t we meet and interact with the many of the  boss-lady type women  and begin to see the great change that has happened. There is a great awakening about and in women today which a single writing may not fully explore. Let’s be more detailed and candid about women here. 

Complexity of a simple Kenyan woman

Some people may argue about this but just know that there is never someone like a “dem kienyeji” in Kenya today. Ask men around you about the ladies they are dating, working with in offices, business partners, wives or even mothers then you get a hint that there can never be a single manual on how to handle them.  

So many of us can agree that women are not only becoming increasingly self aware but also independent and assertive in their own rights. They rise to the occasion, let their presence be felt rather than just heard and if messed around with, they don’t spare proving a point too.

In their diversity and complexity, Kenyan women need a specific focus so that we highlight their problems, give thumbs up to achievements, challenge their misdeeds, embrace their elegance, and just let them be. That is what we set out to do here. 

Dressing choices and style of Kenyan women 

Being a woman in Kenya, especially one in the city, means being fashionable and trendy. It never matters really how much the outfit costs  so long as it brings out the best of you. In fact,  the women across major cities of Kenya really dress to kill regardless of the shops they buy from. No wonder city guys married and unmarried  find themselves sliding into their lives just because of their great looks. Just for laughs, the other day the  Daily Nation newspaper published research showing that Kenya is a cheating nation.  But then what would we expect with all the beautiful damsels trodding the streets with no rings on their fingers; only amazing clothing?

The glamour and brilliance of a nicely adorned Kenyan woman

So we can agree that Kenyan women especially those aged between 20 to 35 have a great sense of fashion. One can always notice the outstanding wardrobe choices during special events or memorable ceremonies when the queens of the east bring out the best of their lovely clothes. Kenyan celebrities have set the pace, sometimes with explicit and suggestive clothing but who cares, it’s my dress my choice anyway. 

The celebrities  in Kenya go out of their way to flaunt their imported clothing that costs  hundreds of thousands and this culture has trickled down so perfectly. Maybe an average Kenyan woman may not have as much money as the celebrities to spend on clothing alone but at least they have an eye for the best they can afford. The amazing clothes that really give a woman the exquisite outlay and professional look can be found everywhere around. 

Take a walk along Tom Mboya street and you will spot a lot of stalls just specializing in selling all sorts of women’s clothing. If the pocket doesn’t allow you to buy from an upstreet stall, toy market, Gikomba, Eastleigh, Muthurwa still have you sorted. Like the end goal is to look trendy and fashionable. How you achieve this as a Kenyan woman is nobody’s cup of tea. And Kenyan men know what stands out. Fit that cloth and look trendy in it if you won’t just clinch that dream job, get a proposal from a man of your dream or just put an executive look to be admired. 

Kenyan women dress like they mean it

Forget about the global Oscars or Grammy awards where you can always spot various celebrities with unique fashion, Kenyan women have their own unique taste of fashion which Netizens never stop giving diverse opinions about. In one way or the other, if you are famous and have deep pockets then definitely you must be fashionable unless you get trolled by Kenyans on Twitter or fans who never disappoint when it comes to creating parodies as a form of expressing their met expectations or disappointments. Women with a great taste of fashion include Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress , Shon Arwa, Jackie Matubia, Lulu Hassan, Sarah Hassan, Anita Nderu just to mention but a few.

Relationship and dating trends among Kenyan women today 

Haven’t you heard them say they want a tall, dark,built and handsome man for a boyfriend or hubby? Kenyan women really know what they want when it comes to a boyfriend or husband. Whether their search yields fruits eventually is another story but at least they define their target well.

Not even long ago, hilarious statements littered the tabloid spaces and even made it to mainstream newspaper social columns.  Like Pritty Vishy Quotes KSh 2m as Her Bride Price or Kamene Goro says she cannot date a man who listens to reggae. Like everyday we wake up to a share of exciting to read issues about women and dating. Actually sometimes we may pose and wonder what really these women want. Maybe it would be a good idea to just forget about dating altogether and wait for a suitor. No? Okay let’s get into their mind and see what happens there. 

An average Kenyan woman longs for this; although they may act unbothered by the need

Sometimes small stories set the Kenyan social media space ablaze in a very funny way. For instance, comedians in Kenya may start off something like Nigerian men in Kasarani taking away beautiful Kenyan women. And just like that, a lot of explanations and justifications come streaming like crazy. Kenyan women are just hypersensitive when it comes to love and relationship talks of course just like their male counterparts. But anyone interested to know about these bootylicious, sweet damsels in Nairobi and across the 254, just know it that they will rise up to it when the correct buttons get pressed

Love, dating and proposal in Kenya has also gotten a new face. Just do a quick search for Moya David the dancer and see how Kenyan damsels melt at his dances. He is the good messenger who can beat the path and soften the hearts of even the most hard to get ladies. If anything, he comes out as the magic mover for those men interested in dating and winning the heart of a Kenyan damsel. Many ladies really love such dramatic yet romantic expressions captured in cameras probably before the boyfriend slides the engagement ring down their fingers. If anything, Kenyan women are fast on their path to embracing the Rose and Jack romance. But again some of them don’t hesitate to refuse proposals from men even after setting them back a couple of bucks for years. Like it can also get nasty sometimes. 

In an era where relationships are made and broken by the day, most Kenyan women have broken loose. They say sharing is caring and if you don’t ring his finger then he’s never yours to begin with but instead belongs to the streets. The unmarried ones will dismayingly tell of those in marriage complaining of being snatched from husbands.Only a few who still take their sweet time in hopes to find a serious match and date the biblical way but the streets of dating remain full of ready to go damsels. In Nairobi today, you can easily start a date today, have sex at night, impregnate the lady and say it wasn’t you. That is how bad it gets over here. Nowonder in his observant artistic eye, Bensoul sung the song, Nairobi. 

Don’t forget that it is also in Kenya where dowry payment has gone a notch higher and big money, choppers, theme sensitive dressing decorate the whole occasion. But be mindful should you end up in such relationships because the online in laws are on the watch out just in case something turns against the match made in heaven.

If you don’t get it, ask Betty Kyallo, Maureen Waititu or the many women who have had to take the shit of broken vows. Just know that dating in Kenya comes with a long menu of possibilities including breakups, divorces, separation, it.Online dating has also made it so easy to dump and pick at will. Today Tinder,, and the rest of it are busier than Safaricom call centers. People are busy shopping for their next match. It’s the new era anyway. 

Legendary career and entrepreneurial  women in Kenya

To talk about a Kenyan woman today without the mention of some of the best breeds past and present would be a great disservice. If anything, the lives of the legendary career and entrepreneurial women lends us a way to see how the womenfolk keep evolving over time.

Although the intention is not necessarily to hero-worship women and put them on a pedestal but just to showcase the women that have made a mark and influenced courses in Kenya. The saying goes that what a man can do a woman can do better. But here we won’t get into that murky area of comparing the performance of Kenyan men and women. 

A working class Kenyan woman is charming, gorgeous and level-headed but tough and uncompromising

Kenyan women continue to carve their space within traveling, adventure and tour companies, breweries, foundations, clothing and fashion accessories, groceries, beauty places and spas, real estates, etc have women behind their success. Men of low esteem may make comments that successful women are a no go zone due to their strictness. But as a man, it’s all about shooting your shot and remaining at the top of your game for issues of the heart and career or business success of a woman are separate stuff. 

Nowadays women hold prestigious professional positions and have the power. But all these are rooted in the education level and intelligence quotient of a human being. Kenya has had many legendary career women who have contributed much to the country’s development. These women have been instrumental in creating a society that is more gender-sensitive, diverse and open to all. Drawing from the lives of Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, Dr. Phoebe Asiyo, Dr. Jane Muthoni Maruge and more, we look out to give flowers to the great women of our time at least when they still live. Our best way to do this is highlighting their achievements and following through their rise and rise to the top at least to inspire more women. 

Reproductive health of Kenyan women

Fertility problems are common among Kenyan  women that make it hard for them to bear children. Most reasons are often related to their reproductive health. Facing problems with childbearing, most women turn to all manner of ways to try and get to conceive. So many reasons come out as being behind the reproductive challenges of Kenyan women but demystifying each one of them would be a great way to proactively and progressively address new cases. That is what we set out to do here. 

Kenyan women love their baby bump especially if the man behind it cherishes it as well

We pull every stop to highlight issues of cleanliness, use of contraceptives, timing monthly periods, perfect dressing, sex life and many more. Of course such are topics that ordinarily raise eyebrows but in the silent nights under a lonely blanket, Kenyan women browse the internet or make calls for comfort from close friends. What if we just share possible working ideas? A good deal that would be. 

Difficulties in reproductive health among Kenyan women could have a thing or two to do with lifestyle choices. Zooming into specific cases and solutions will be a great starting point to move the troubled woman closer to having a kid on her lap and suckling. 

Kenyan women think deeply about gender issues too

Don’t look at the glowing  eyes of the Kenyan woman today and get a false interpretation that they are happy. Of course sometimes they get to cover up a lot of gender struggles everywhere. Coming from a history of patriarchy, a Kenyan woman works extra hard to prove self in anything that is at hand. The rise of feminism may have helped to move the women to a greater level of self awareness and esteem but with a handful of unintended consequences too. 

So many women have had to abandon their careers midway due to frustrations from spouses or bullying at work. Like a fine breed of woman journalist quits media for not giving in to unprofessional demands from management or something like that. The media is awash with so many of such. Maybe they decide to put a brave face out there and tell us they have resigned due to redundancy but the real issues could just be gender based. 

To face the jugular, we can all agree that there is a burgeoning number of single women in Kenya today not because there is a demographic mismatch with men. No. The women have increasingly realized that their potential is curtailed by a masculine society. Men too think that they need to control women and the entire household as the head. This tug of war plus an increasing sense of independence among working class Kenyan women bursts out in the open as divorces and single motherhood. 

Again we have seen women being perceived as not being able to do well in certain masculine jobs such as machine operations, mechanics, construction and others. But others have surprised us in a pleasing way to take the frontline and challenge the status quo. We applaud and highlight more of them. 

Kenyan women making it big in tech fields

A quick mention of a Kenyan woman, let’s say the ones in the social scenes everyday, one may think that womenfolk in the country only focus on clout chasing. You are damn wrong to make this conclusion. We have a critical mass of top achiever women in Kenya who dare to take on progressive and challenging fields that would otherwise be considered as a preserve of the men. Haven’t you heard of Mwende Gatabaki who was the brain behind the successful  establishment of  Huduma centers in Kenya? A quick check through will just surprise you how women keep taking a bigger space in the Kenyan tech space and we are here to give them a shout out and highlight their achievements in a way that inspires masses and takes away focus from only drama queens we all know about for all the unclear reasons. 

If there is a field that Kenya is well known for today is in technological innovation and inventions. Kenyan women keep rising up to redefine software engineering, software development, systems development, computing and all the other aspects of tech. Don’t be surprised to walk into an office like Safaricom innovation hub and find the senior IT manager being a woman. That;s how real it gets. 

Kenyan women in the technology space is a new normal

Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa when it comes to women making it big in the tech field. This is due to the country’s commitment to investing in and encouraging women to pursue STEM careers.Right from high school, young girls start to define their career aspirations around professions that previously could not attract women such as becoming software engineers, data sciences, AI professionals, cybersecurity guru, and more.

One example of a Kenyan woman making it big in the tech field is Njeri Rionge. Rionge is an entrepreneur and investor who founded Wananchi Group, the first internet service provider in East Africa, as well as Ignite Consulting, a technology consulting firm. She has also invested in several other tech startups, and is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in the tech sector.

Another Kenyan woman making a name for herself in the tech industry is Angela Ndambuki. Ndambuki is the CEO of the African Women in Tech (AWIT) Network, which aims to empower African women to pursue careers in technology. She is also the founder of the AWIT Academy, which provides job-readiness training to African women in tech.

It is also in Kenya where one gets to find one incredible woman, Njeri Kariuki; a Kenyan woman making great impacts in the Kenyan tech sector. Kariuki is the founder and CEO of the iHub, a technology incubator and accelerator in Nairobi. She is also the founder of the Geek Out Africa Conference, which brings together technology entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from across the continent.

We here set the pace for identifying, mentioning and closing in on such accomplished women. It is not only enough to mention them by name but also describe whatever they do in their respective species so that their contributions to the fast developing and expanding field of information technology and computing may be recognised. We realize that the women we may mention only represent a small fraction of the many out there. This would just be an icing on the cake but serves well to lul the notion that women in Kenya are simply bystanders in the great road to technology. They among many prove that Kenyan women are not all about fashion, toxic femininity, slay queens, drama queens and lovers of fake clout. 

Kenyan women mind a lot about fashion, beauty and cosmetics

An average Kenyan woman thinks so much about how they look out there on the streets more than anything else. Maybe this is a subjective perception but at least so many can agree to it. Have you forgotten about the my dress my choice campaign that arose from women being stripped naked across cities in Kenya for dressing badly? Of course the social media today has enough images and videos of ladies dressed to kill just as there are ones exposing so much skin to the enchantment of online drooling men. They say it looks like gharama. What if we give some ideas about women’s wardrobe choices, fashion hits and misses, celebrity wear and brands, hidden places for women’s clothing at affordable prices? That will do a lot of justice. 

Clothes aside, a self aware Kenyan lady will check out some of the trendy and nice looking jewelry to crown up the excellent dressing. Jewelry, perfumes, nailwork, skincare and hair products are something that women really talk about. If you doubt it then take a walk to the shops along River Road and see the beehive of activities as cosmetics shops rush against time to make over the counter sales as well as serve long distance orders to Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru and more. 

Most Kenyan women, especially celebrities have opted for cosmetic surgeries for the butt and breast lift for their own pleasure. But don’t we see this too from the western celebrities? So it’s something very normal in the eye and mind of a woman obsessed with beauty. Some even opt for beauty pills to make them glow and grow rather than going for the artificial external bodily surgeries. And Why do you think women on screens are often advised to apply makeup before going live? Definitely to look well groomed and of course to attract the viewers.

The current generation is a world of social media and the Internet and would rather reject something that will prevent them from getting numerous followers, likes, subscribers. However, every woman in Kenya has their own fashion and signature look. Comparisons of their outstanding fashion designers will only be made while attending an event or an occasion. But this is not only in Kenya but worldwide. Every woman always wishes to glow, be pampered and live a luxurious life sponsored by their partners. 

Leisure activities Kenyan woman easily take to

As a lady or woman in Kenya, life today is not all about putting out self out there for a suitor or being aggressive at work. Of course these are important for life but time sparred for fun and enjoyment can’t be considered wasted. It’s amazing that already Kenyan women have chamas that organize pool travels to far away destinations such as Tanzania, Maasai Mara, Tsavo and Diani. 

Of course men lead in taking road trips alongside their boys but then the increasingly elf ware city girls are catching up too. One thing that we have to give to Kenyan women is their ability to save little by little in their so many chamas and when it gets to December, they pour out on the roads to just go chill out, unplug and enjoy. 

For a long time, women have been said to be their own enemies but it seems they are changing that thinking. At least in Kenya now, women don’t just submit themselves to the bedroom, gossip and subscribe to toxic feminism but instead really work hard to earn and spend some time traveling, holding baby showers, attending get togethers et cetera.  Not to forget, Kenyan women also like traveling out on shopping sprees. You will hear them plan to take trips to Hong Kong, Dubai or Uganda just to buy clothes or do a facelift of their homes. What a great sense of responsibility?

Talk of Kenyan women? They are also on social media as a part time leisure. They blow off Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and every other available platform with their ingenuity if not drama. You will occasionally see them gyrating and twerking on social media videos and wonder what motivates them…it’s all for enjoyment and feeling good. That’s the Kenyan woman for you. Some have also taken to Youtube as a leisure activity but of course it brings in money too. 

Gossip and chit chat corner for Kenyan women

One thing for sure about women anywhere is that at least they will find time to chit chat, spread a rumor here and gossip there. Of course men gossip but women are so loud. In Kenya, some explicit and romantic expose’ have always kept women united. Talk of Zack Opondo and his gimmicks, the famous Profesa Ochieng Odongo and his hold no prisoner talks, Edgar Obare and his Tea. Like it gets so crazy and sometimes freaking in the women’s circles. Kenyan women like this and they don’t mind to spare time just to share thoughts about such happenings in the social circles.  

So why not shine the light on controversies of women, drama queens, socialites and their bentens who love it when they become talk of town? Like the events around the death or fashion artist Edwin Chiloba elicited talks of how LGBTQ advocates abandoned him in death. So many people have shared opinions and the name of someone like Makena Njeri, a sworn LGBTQ crusader and member kept coming up. So these and many more form juicy talking points for a Kenyan woman. We trace them on twitter, instagram and wherever else they get active just to bring out the goings on among the Kenyan womenfolk for you. 

Kenyan women also enjoy vacationing

Today’s Kenyan woman is unlike those of the yester-years who were culturally confined to the kitchen, bedroom and market. Not anymore as an average woman married with kids or not knows way too well that there comes a time to stop everything and just travel for adventure. Women stepping out of the homes to travel out isn’t anymore loathed by society and this must be a significant progress.

Kenya is a spectacular and exciting destination for adventurous women especially now that the woke city girls value road trips and vacation. With its rich culture, stunning scenery, and abundant wildlife, it is the perfect place for a thrilling adventure. From exploring the country’s diverse landscape to experiencing the vibrant culture, Kenya’s beauty and culture will leave you with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

When visiting Kenya, the first stop should be Nairobi, the capital city. Here, you can explore the vibrant markets, enjoy some fantastic cuisine, and get a taste of the country’s culture. Don’t forget to take a trip to the Nairobi National Park, where you can see some of the most breathtaking wildlife in the world.

After exploring Nairobi, you should head out to the Maasai Mara National Reserve to experience the famous wildebeest migration. This is an incredible experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle. While here, you can also take a safari drive to spot the Big Five, as well as other animals, including elephants, hippos, and more.

If you’re looking for some relaxation, the Kenyan coast is the perfect place to unwind with its white-sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs, it is the perfect place for some rest and relaxation. From the beaches of Lamu to Mombasa, the Kenyan coast is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sand.

Finally, no trip to Kenya would be complete without visiting the majestic Mount Kenya. With its rugged peaks and spectacular views, this is a must-see destination. Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or just want to take in the views, Mount Kenya is a great spot to explore.

 So, pack your bags girl and get ready for the trip of a lifetime

A happy home and a fun-filled marriage for Kenyan women

Out there on the streets you may meet Kenyan ladies, beautiful, expressive and generally on top of their game. They are woke and stick out their necks in career but really struggling to even get laid, leave alone being married. Of course some may put on this I dont care attitude and argue that marriage isn’t an achievement as long as it’s possible to get someone to give regular services on no strings attached or non-committal basis. But, deep inside, Kenyan women envy those who have managed to last years in stable marriages and seem to be going strong at it. 

Yes we may agree that a new way of life has come in where being an angel woman in Kenya isn’t as much loathed as the yesteryears. But life feels better with a Mr. Right by your side, a man to warm the bed and just reassure your everyday struggles. Maybe some ladies will scoff at this reality yet deep in, this remains a longing.  

Stories are rife of Kenyan women having a false start in marriages, embroiled in ugly divorce tussles and having to nurse broken families. Maybe not so many wish to talk about this but a random check at psychotherapists around will tell you that keeping a happy home and thriving marriage or their failure  is an issue that keeps so many women awake deep in the night. But one thing that stands out is that the institution of marriage has become so cheapened that instead of being patient, so many women get swayed by niceties and bourgeois lifestyle of city guys only to end up single again but this time with kids to cater for. It’s not amusing to be honest. 

In Kenya, marriage is shaken but the society still considers it as a measure of social success. For any woman struggling to find her place in marriage and family life, it would be a great idea to ask if really ready to practice patience, understanding, loyalty, loving unconditionally, emotionally strong and being able to practice mental stability. While it is not easy to really find a singular way to create a happy and thriving family, trust remains a great ingredient. You turn to Facebook, see thriving couples in Kenya and start envying yet behind those brilliant faces, there are unwritten struggles, compromises, nasty quarrels, fallouts and everything else you may not wish to be in but the biggest of all is that the two sworn love birds hold it down. 

Something else that really bothers so many women in Kenya is childbearing and what their partners really think about it. As much as marriages ought to lead to bubbly children and a complete family, a good number of Kenyan women struggle with infertility issues, miscarriages, vaginal infections, and so many other stuff. It’s a great idea to just explore the struggles of an average Kenyan woman when it comes to having and maintaining happy families. Lifting the veil and seeing women in their ideal insecurities gives a chance to collectively think through and identify ways out if not to find solace for the badly affected. 

Not everything about keeping a family happy is left for women, men too have a great role to play. But just know it is a failure to communicate, low tolerance and inability to compromise runs so many families down the drain today. With women playing victims and Kenyan men unwilling to budge, looking at trends on families in Kenya; successful ones, seemingly established ones and others struggling is a great place to begin.