A gorgeous look is your brand, believes Kenyan damsels

We all, inwardly desire to look decent and if possible draw admiration or command attention. No gender in Kenya has mastered this more than the women around especially the single, searching and ready to mingle ones. Their’s is a move to pull every stop to looking gorgeous, vulumptuous, curvacious, sexy and such other strong attributes. They mind so much about the image they cut when stepping out into the world. Actually, a gorgeous look is the least most of them would wish to have.

Say something about this beauty. Tongue-tied right??

You’ll hear the statement “mwanamke ni kujipenda” so many times. And for sure this statement is weighty , to a large extent makes so much sense. Everywhere, people will use the first impression to judge you. Whether its a first date, an interview turn up, or random meeting, your outlook says so much about you which explains why the Kenyan damsels don’t want to take chances at all.

Beautiful and curvacious wraped in fitting cloths and sprayed with exotic cologne

We have a duty to self care but Kenyan women, especially most of the single ones in the city seem to invest heavily in the their looks. Age notwithstanding, every Kenyan woman, even if not doing workouts to trim the body or taking weight management drugs still wants to be the fine wine who naughty boys can throw many glaces at.

The irresistible beauty of a Kenyan lady

Someone once mentioned somewhere how ladies feel heavenly when they grab attention around them. Some choose to be dramatic, others slap us with their goregousness while teh rest use a combination. In fact the new age of instant beauty where women body accessories can help create a desired look, they got control.

Trust you me, a good number of Kenyan ladies spend a lot of money on their looks. They want to look a certain way. They are not keen on their natural beauty. They want more than that. This leads to spending more money on beauty products and procedures to achieve the desired look.

Kenyan ladies take on beauty

Technology has changed a lot of things in this century. You will be surprised that technology can fix any issue a woman has in a matter of minutes. Also, you have no idea how Kenyan ladies have embraced technology. It is like an answer to their prayers.

Aesthetic beauty clinics are on the rise in Kenya offering Kenyan ladies all manner of beauty treatments. This means ladies are so caught up with physical perfection that they are willing to do anything. They will visit the aesthetic beauty clinics first before going for a photoshoot to show off their physical beauty. 

Tip tops looks of classy Kenyan damsels that give men sleepless nights

What many don’t think about is how too much focus on their looks can damage one’s self-esteem. When a woman puts a lot of importance on her looks, she may end up being overly critical of herself. That is why some ladies often have inadequate feelings or even feel that they are not good enough.

That said, for those Kenyan ladies who care about their looks mainly because it’s something they enjoy that that’s great. It is paramount to practice self-care as a lady and this often translates to taking care of your appearance. 

All about beauty

Kenyan ladies are known to be experimental. That is why you will find a lady trying different hairstyles, makeup, as well as clothing styles all for the looks. This is pretty adventurous for the lady. It will help the lady know what works for her looks.

Nevertheless, maintaining a certain look calls for spending money on things like clothes, beauty treatments, hair care, and makeup. All these things are not cheap and may end up straining your finances. However, some Kenyan ladies don’t care about the money aspect as long as they keep up with the latest trends.

She’s all smiles because she rules her world

Several Instagram influencers in Kenya and the world promote women with certain female body shapes. We are talking of the likes of Vera Sidika and also the Kardashians. To achieve their kind of body shape one has to undergo certain surgeries. A Kenyan lady who is obsessed with beauty will not mind going through specific surgery to achieve the said body shape. Also, slimming teas are sold to help women get a flat tummy. It is like all the women want to have a flat tummy but they do not want to eat healthy food. 

Beauty products Kenyan ladies spend their money on

Kenyan ladies’ concern about their looks pushes them to spend money on various products. The aim is to use the money to look good. Sometimes the cost is on the higher side but many don’t mind. I bet according to them; it is worth it in the end.

Hair and hair extensions

Women love looking good, especially when having great hair. Kenyan ladies spend a lot of money on hair and they don’t apologize for it. As some ladies put it, great hair is a way of expressing oneself.  They even purchase human hair to the tune of ksh.100, 000.  Wakenya wanapenda kung’ara kabisa

Hair is a woman’s crown. That is what defines her. We can also agree that to achieve a specific look, hair plays a critical role. Pretty hair translates to confidence and feeling good about oneself.

Beauty accessories, boody oils and creams

Even though many Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet, some women are focused on spending money on beauty products. Their purpose is to keep up appearances. Remember, it is not cheap to look good because of the sophisticated beauty products unleashed in the market.

Skin tonning, smooth lips and well kept hair is the signature mark of a self aware Kenyan damsel

According to statistics, a good number of Kenyan ladies spend not less than Sh10,000 monthly to maintain the look she desires. The products used help in maintaining a flawless face. Also, they make the whole of their bodies glow. 

Cosmetic surgery

Learning that one can walk into a clinic and leave with a certain body is a dream come true for many Kenyan ladies. A lot of clinics are receiving booking for various procedures from ladies. It is evident that these ladies are extremely concerned about their looks.

In this era, cosmetic surgery is not something new to Kenyan ladies. To them, this concept couldn’t have come at a better time. Some of the procedures cost an arm and a leg but they don’t mind that at all.

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