Making your Kenyan wife’s, girlfriend’s Valentines day count

We can’t deny that February remains in the minds of many as a month of love. Even if the highly anticipated 14th day of the month has since passed, a quick reflection on it does no harm. After all, its only 9 days since the day served people different tastes of love. You know on … Read more

No More Lonely Valentine for a Kenyan Woman

An average Kenyan woman is increasingly more self aware and expressive more so when it comes to love matters. Talking of Kenyan women and their animated expectations about Valentines day, a flower here, a proposal there and even making the decision to finally settle down. Honestly it’s during the Valentine that eyes pan around to … Read more

Kenyan women celebrate 2023 Valentine with bliss and flowers

Kenyans know way too well how to celebrate love, express it and really make each other feel special. On Valentine’s day, men upon women wait with much anxiety to not only warm the hearts of their loved ones but also be treated to moments of a lifetime. Like anyone would expect, the Kenyan women never … Read more

Kenyan Women get their Valentines Wear

It is that month of love again. February each year in Kenya just like across the world witnesses so many vows exchanged, flowers gifted, proposals made and love taken a notch higher. Already the airwaves are full of Valentines day talks as single men and women in Kenya make plans to at least find their … Read more