Danes dating, marrying third country citizens

It’s no secret that so many people would love to get a perfect match among the Danes. Nothing completely impossible or wrong about Danes dating, marrying third country citizens. After all, it happens every other day. Actually, hooking up with a Danish single lady or single Danish guy should be easier in this day and age.

As a matter of fact, many Danes have already signed up to dating sites. Never mind,really get hyper active on those spaces than even in real life. But as you start your search for a Danish boyfriend or girlfriend, you better be aware of a few things.

Nobody will behave as if telling you not to pursue love wherever it may be. Carrie Underwood in her song Love Wins reminds us of the strong resolve that matters of the heart can inspire. However, the way the Danes are wired and socialized, dating, cohabiting, boyfriend and girlfriend kind of life are more common than married status.

Interested in Dating a Dane? Worry not

Don’t be cheated that by lumping and discussing the Danes as a group means all of them will act similarly when it comes to issues of relationships. As you may know, issues of love, dating and connecting with someone are personal. A good Dance may not be the same to you and so forth. But at least, there’s some general similarity among the Danes; both men and women when it comes to dating.

 First, Danes ought to be so thankful that online dating came to be and has been largely embraced. Why so? A good number if not most of them are simply reserved unless a little tipsy. You won’t believe it but most Danes will be freer with you on those dating sites and virtual conversations than in person. Until such a time, which can always be so long, that you get a good hang of each other, it may be a long one. 

In a normal life, Danes are exploratory and will be curious to try a bit of everything. Don’t be taken so much back when someone you meet on dating sites tells you tht they don’t wish to get kids or marry. You would be like then what the damn are you doing here? But they will be that particular with their lives including dating and starting families. 

Learning the Danish perceptions of love, dating, family, marriage…

It may not be loudly talked about elsewhere but the truth that hits anyone who chooses to dig deep into the relationships scenes among the Danes will see how it happens. While you may be accustomed to a family set up with a husband, wife and kids, so many Danes have lived in “separated families”. So as you seek out for love, know that the Dane you possibly get in touch with may not so much be subscribed to your sense of family. 

To Danes, hookup, dating and marriage mean something on their own. There’s nothing like I am dating so and so and will definitely get married, never. Chances would be that you may date for God knows how long but at the end of it walk separate paths-is what it is.

A lot of negatives already spluttered right? Though its the whole truth, also keep in mind that dating or getting married to a Dane brings out the blissfulness of love. Never mind how it ends, just the moments you share. Flowers, coffee dates, road trips, camping, shopping together, traveling the world, name it. You will obviously feel out of this world especially for the ladies that get to date these tall, less expressive yet masculine guys. 

What to remember as a third country national dating a Dane

The mention of the phrase third country may easily make one frown but it’s nothing to  irk anyone by any chance.In Denmark, whatever way the immigration law treats you depends on what the Danish Aliens Act classifies you as. In this case, a third country national is one who isn’t a Swiss or from the EU/EEA. 

It may appear as though the Danish laws erect walls against free love and relationships but then, you will have to proceed only in a manner prescribed. So, if you are an African lady, from Asia, the USA or any other country other than Switzerland and the European Union, be very keen to know what needs to be done.

Normally, people who date online use the platforms to create an initial contact and then proceed offline. In the process, talks of meeting up, visiting Denmark, getting married and moving over may ensue. The tragedy many people encounter is that even the Danes who sign up to date online don’t know really what it takes to bring you over and get to stay as husband and wife. 

Why it may not be so quick to move over to get married to a Dane

Most cases of interracial marriages involving Danes include Danish guys finding love in single ladies from elsewhere. Cases of Danish women bringing over men from elsewhere, especially outside the EU can be very rare. Foreigners already in Denmark may be lucky to meet Danish single ladies to cohabit with or marry anyway.

Assuming you hookup with a Danish guy today, it’s not yet time to celebrate because it’s a long process. In most cases, ladies start getting super excited and imagining their lives abroad upon moving. That isn’t likely to happen in months or even a year. It may take longer before you really get the permission to move from a third country and start living with your Danish lover. 

What the law demands of you to move and start life with a Danish lover

A foreigner having an affair with and wishing to join their partner in Denmark must be aware of some stuff. Of it all, keep in mind that your case will be processed as a family reunification case. In short, your residence permit will be issued to allow you reunite with your person. The sponsor in this case either already lives in Denmark or is a Danish citizen. To make this work out;

  • Your Danish lover must document your relationship including but not limited to evidence of cohabitation within an extended period of time, marriage certificate, 
  • Prove beyond reasonable doubt that the relationship or marriage isn’t for convenience or simply intended to facilitate you getting a Danish residence permit.
  • Must have proof of having visited Denmark at least once.
  • Not younger than 24 years old

For your information, the application of rules and regulations will largely depend on your individual case and situation. The law requirements just guide the authorities who keep referring to as a basis of making their decisions. The final outcome will however definitely depend on the merits of your case.

A longer and more explanatory information can be found here.  

What often stands out is that your Danish partner must offer a collateral financial guarantee of DKK 110,293.89 (2023 level). This simply means that your newfound sweet pie has to set aside this amount. As a requirement, the amount must be left as a deposit for at least 5 years. In short, this acts as a security for the person you bring over to Denmark.

For leniency and furtherance of the DanIsh integration, a review has been made to the financial requirment. Now, there’s the possibility to review the amounts required as depoist as soon as the spouse from abroad learns Danish.  

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