Kenyan women celebrate 2023 Valentine with bliss and flowers

Kenyans know way too well how to celebrate love, express it and really make each other feel special. On Valentine’s day, men upon women wait with much anxiety to not only warm the hearts of their loved ones but also be treated to moments of a lifetime.

Like anyone would expect, the Kenyan women never disappointed and they turned up to offices adorning the signature red and sexy clothes expecting pleasant surprises from their mates next door or on an organised meet up somewhere after work. Wait, those who’ve dated for so long too kept on bidding on the racing time just in case the Mr. Right would do the right thing and make that marriage proposal.

Forget about the genesis of Valentines day, all we know about it is love

Kenyans just like so many people across the world never engage in trivialities or what some would consider pettiness of trying to dig deeper into how Valentines day came about. All that people know is that February 14th of every year presents an extraordinary chance to express romance and great love.

So this 2023 came and lovebirds had to do their thing. While individuals focused on expressing their love in own unique ways, the flower vendors too make a killing. On February 14 they make a fortune. Flowers play a big role on this day for they are a symbol of love. It is a special way to celebrate the woman you love.

Typical pictures taken on a 2023 Valentines day. Someone felt loved the more, you?

Valentine’s day is defined by romance and love. Anyone who has tasted the sweetness and bliss of love never doubts that it really captivates one to the core. It would even be safe to make a sweeping observation that love is literally everything and nothing can come close to it. It is interesting how Kenyan florists have gone out of their way to attract customers thanks to their creative ways. It is a day when love birds showcase their love to each other through flowers.

On a day when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, flower deliveries are the order of the day. Many offices will flood with all sorts of roses accompanied by a card. These cards melt Kenyan women because of the sweet nothings written on them.

Flowers mean so much to women this Valentine

Romance is not something to just set aside. It is worth celebrating. That is why romantic men show their women how much they love them by gifting them flowers. This is on its own a demonstration of affection.

The giving of flowers goes hand in hand with Valentine’s Day. That is why red roses take center stage on this special day because they are tantamount to Valentine’s and love. Kenyan women and every other woman around the world identify with flowers as a love language.

The reason why women love flowers is to feel how much their men love them. A bouquet of flowers says a lot. When a man is not able to voice his feelings openly, flowers can do the magic.

Picking the right flowers for Valentine

Did you know that different flowers have different meanings? That is why it is important to understand the level of your relationship with the person you love. If you are dating, married, or in a new relationship, different flowers will cover each level. Some flowers will express love, others friendship while others passion and desires.

Love is a beautiful thing; expressing it to someone on the Valentines day can never be more exciting

Here is a look at flowers and their meaning:

Red roses – These are flowers that symbolize romance and love at their best. They are perfect for expressing the three-letter words “I Love You”. Red roses are a clear display of perfection and flawless beauty.

Yellow roses – When you receive yellow roses, happiness, warmth, joy, and friendship are all expressed. They are perfect for that close friend. Mpe rafiki wako wa dhati yellow roses. They will know just how much you love them.

White roses – For those in marriage, white roses are ideal for Valentine’s. White roses signify new beginnings and are most of the time linked to marriages. Additionally, if you’ve gone through a rough patch with your partner but you have now made up, white roses are the best flowers for you on Valentine’s.

Pink roses – These flowers express admiration, contentment, and pure happiness. They describe elegance at its best. Pink roses also showcase tenderness, kindness, forgiveness, and sweetness.

Are flowers important to Kenyan women?

If we were to agree or disagree, we could state that for years it’s been a ritual to give a spouse flowers for Valentine’s Day. This is even easier with technology because one can order flowers and have them delivered without you being there.

Having said that, yes, many women agree that flowers are critical for Valentine’s. However, there is a number of Kenyan women who disagree vehemently. Some say that afadhali anipeleke dinner rather than give me flowers. That the flowers will wither with no time.

What is evident is different Kenyan women want different things, especially on Valentine’s. While some want a big bouquet of flowers delivered to their offices, some do not care about flowers at all. That is why in as much as some women describe this as a romantic gesture, others will dismiss the flowers terming the action corny.

More than just flowers on Valentine’s Day in Kenya

Kenyan women keep evolving all year round. Their tastes and preference are extremely different. Nevertheless, when it comes to February 14th, all Kenyan women speak the same language. They all want to be pampered, treated as Queens, and loved. This is a day to show her how much she means to you in action and not in words.

One would wonder, what more can a Kenyan woman want for Valentine except for flowers? This day is more than just giving flowers, even though the city is usually painted red with flowers on every corner, creativity plays a big role too. apart from flowers, figure out what you can do to your Kenyan woman so that she feels how much you love them.

Every Valentine’s day is a special one

Valentines should be celebrated all year round because of the thought carried for this day. Love is normally what keeps the day running. Without love, there would be no celebration on Valentine’s Day; au sio wadau?

If you have never taken the time to express to your Kenyan woman how you feel, this is the day to do just that. Be thoughtful and gift that special lady the ideal Valentine’s Day flowers.

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