Kienyeji Kenyan ladies every man wants for something serious

Kenyans have never been less innovative with their terms even in the social scenes. New tags and funny names keep coming up which end up resonating so well across the age groups. The latest of them is the talk of Kienyeji kenyan ladies or the goat wives who’ve warmed the heart of Kenyan men and taken the lead in the market of wife material.

Forgive for any exagerations but truth be told, the economy has pushed us all to the extremes and now men really mind about the kind of ladies they consider for something serious as dating or marriage. Forget about these cheap flings and one night stands that dominate our city life today. Serious in this case mean courtship and eventual marriage. Like a lady through whose eyes you see the mother of your children and a woman of your youth.

Very simple and uncomplicated-the kienyeji lady for you

Unless a newcomer in Kenya, the term kienyeji girl can’t be news anymore. You’ve probably heard this term used in reference to ladies and even men who in appearance, comportment and behaviour embody an allure of meekness. They seem undisrtubed with the need to match up to certain standards or belong to any gfake social class-they’re simply living.

The kienyej slang excites and entices Kenyans

There’s a way one easily gets cheated in Kenya, even in the dating scenes. You meet a beautiful lady downtown, well dressed and looking voluptuous only to realize later that they had used padded underwear to look curvacious. Some go an extra mile to complement the now enhanced hips with gel bra to give their tits a provokatively sexy look.

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing how one dresses and looks when stepping out of the house, the society seems to be irked by the deliberate masking of true identity of women thorugh make-up and peculiar dressing. To solve this, it looks like kienyeji wamefikiwa and its all talk of town.

Kenyan kienyeji lady is just contented with her simplicity

Kienyeji girl comes out as humor slang that refers to a girl who has “villagely attributes”. This means she doesn’t have much exposure, draws satisfaction from whatever she has and in no way hurries to meet particular social standards. Even an urban girl can still be a kienyeji if she’s naïve and carefree.

All about the kienyeji girl taking Kenyan by storm

Most men eye Kenyan kienyeji ladies because of their wifely characteristics. Their preference for kienyeji ladies is mostly because of their humbling nature. Some of the characteristics that make these girls a catch include being submissive, conservative, obedient, and home keepers to mention but a few.

That said, one would wonder, is there anything like a kienyeji girl in Kenya? Well, with all honesty some ladies fit that title very well. The KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) rank kienyeji ladies extremely high as compared to their counterparts whom they call broilers.

Many times, the kienyeji ladies are likened to Uganda ladies who appear to be quite respectful. When a man gets married to a kienyeji the assumption is that he will be properly satisfied.

The fallacy about the kienyeji girl

The thought that kienyeji girls make better girlfriends and even wives may be far from the truth. Just because a girl is from a village does not necessarily mean she is the best partner. A city girl can still be better than a kienyeji girl. This is a debate that can go on and on.

Yes, most of the kienyeji girls are unsophisticated simply because of the village environment. Once that girl is in the city, things change. She learns stuff. She starts dressing like a city girl and even acting like one. In a nutshell, once a kienyeji girl is exposed to what the city offers, she will no longer be that naïve kienyeji girl.

A kienyeji girl is content with her cheap life because simply she has no option. Cheap clothes, no make-up, no handbags, no classy shoes, and short hair. This is all that a kienyeji girl knows. What if all that changes?

Always bubbly and less disturbed by clamor for class and status

We can say with all honesty that men who prefer kienyeji ladies are running from the root cause. It could be they don’t want to spend on their woman. It could be they want to live a carefree life with a woman who will not question them. A man who goes for a kienyeji woman has his reasons for doing so.

Reasons Kenyan single guys go for kienyeji girls

Village ladies aka kienyeji girls have been making headlines in Kenya. It seems this topic will not stop trending, not by a long shot. Let us look at some of the reasons making men go for a kienyeji girl.

1. They understand their place

Kienyeji girls do understand their place. This must be one of the main reasons a man would want to go for a kienyeji girl. You see, this girl is so submissive that she doesn’t question anything. She is loyal and never talks back to the man. This girl respects her man in ways you cannot imagine. 

Naturally, men do feel that they are superior to women. Thus, they enjoy getting respect from women. But who provides the respect between a city and a kienyeji girl. Definitely, it is a kienyeji girl. In some cases, the Kenyan city girls do try to challenge their men’s superiority. 

2. Ready to settle in a marriage

Unlike city girls who are all over the place partying and jumping from one relationship to the other, kienyeji girls are ready to settle. As a man when you are ready to have a wife and children, a kienyeji girl will grant you that and much more. This girl is ready to give birth and fill mother earth within the first months of intimacy. Besides, they do not get worried about having a lot of things before they settle or even get pregnant.

3. Endure all manner of hardships

The fact that kienyeji girls are from the village means they are capable of withstanding hardships. This is not the same with city girls. When you mention hardship to a city girl, she drops you like a hot potato. That is why men are going for village girls because it’s their nature to endure tough times. Also, life is so unpredictable, it has its highs and lows. With kienyeji girls, they will stay even during hardships because they highly value family.

4. Typical wife material

I would count very few men who want to have a woman with zero cooking skills. Most city girls are spoilt because relying on the house helps to do all the work including cooking. Besides, they highly concentrate on their classy looks rather than other things. This is different with kienyeji girls who are well-trained in cooking the best meals. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. That alone makes a kienyeji girl stand out anytime.

5. Minimal expenses

A man who is not keen on having a spendthrift as a partner will not think twice about getting himself a kienyeji girl. These girls have minimal expenses. They don’t ask for much. They don’t want to look like they are after a man’s money.  

6. Cook with a lovely touch of traditional tastes

Men love and enjoy well prepared meals. They love it when they come back to eat a well prepared meal. Therefore, although city girls also know how to prepare meals,  the kienyeji girls do it best. All in all, the village girl does magic in the kitchen. When you have a taste of their meals, you will request for more every time. 

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