Maternity and delivery items Kenyan women need

No secret that pregnancy has become a trendy thing that Kenyan ladies actually flaunt, share sultry images online and be like “tililii…soon to be a mum!!”. Their joy and pride can’t be contained by public opinions that their images arouse. Nowonder they will share their baby bump and feel over the moon about everything. Opinions aside, every pregnant Kenyan woman needs to have  nice baby starter pack, maternity and delivery items for an amazing journey.  

The happiness of receiving a newborn can always be felt everywhere around the soon to be mother. This is especially in cases where the woman expected and has really longed for one. Maybe we can say that the internet activity in Kenya has actually animated the sharing of pregnancy news but it’s really something to behold. 

The joy that comes when expecting a new kid

Soon to be a mother in Kenya-mixed feelings about it

Talk of Pumwani hospital maternity wing, Mbagathi. Nairobi women hospital, Mama Lucy and more of such, what comes to mind is definitely newborn babies. Many new mothers in Nairobi rush to these hospitals to deliver and get prenatal as well as postnatal care. Former first lady Margaret Kenyatta’s beyond zero campaign that birthed Linda mama medical insurance plus NHIF maternal insurance component has made hospital deliveries in Kenya a common thing. 

On a day to day basis expecting a child especially after periods of failed attempts brings the greatest feeling in any woman. Maybe you’re had pregnancies easily without worries and gone through each smoothly. This may deny you the chance to see from the side of a lady or woman who has lost marriages for not bearing children or trying to get pregnant all in vain.

Being a mother is something many ladies, women can only look out for

Being a mother in almost all Kenyan communities come with a great signature title of being mama so and so. Plus, there’s some respect which automatically comes with being a mother. The responsibility of childbearing and upbringing may scare some people from being mothers even if time is ripe but those who dare to face it all can confess to the mixed feelings. 

If you are not so sure about the emotions and feelings around pregnancy, childbearing, check out the story of Kambua or other similar cases of bold people who’ve come out to share. Truth be told, being in childless marriages and inability to get a kid comes with so much emotional turmoil. Maybe those who voluntarily choose not to have kids have a different thought about this which is also okay. 

Must have items for a woman who’s soon to deliver

There’s just no way a woman today can claim to have gotten surprise labor pains or be completely blank about important details of the baby to be born. So, there’s just no way you\re gonna miss having the very important items during delivery and soon afterwards. 

As a pregnant woman in Kenya, where you choose to deliver your child matters a lot and determines whatever to make plans on having ahead of time. Those who choose to deliver in high end hospitals with private delivery rooms for each woman may not have to bother so much. In such cases, the hospital will likely get everything ready for you.Only have to wait to be handed over the bill to pay out of pocket or using an insurance for baby birth scheme.

Generally you as a soon to deliver mum needs to have items for the delivery period and a starter pack for infants.They include; 

  • Cotton wool
  • Nipple Cream
  • Bathrobe, loose and comfortable clothes 
  • Your own maternity  pads, clean and not tight panties
  • Small size baby diapers and hydrated wipes
  • swaddling blanket for the baby popularly known as baby shawl
  • A comfy pillow to keep you feeling relaxed and not strained on the neck

Expecting to be a new mum

Expecting to be a new mum or a mum yet again can be confusing yet rewarding in different ways. Ask any pregnant woman and you’ll really struggle to know whether  they’re happy about the process or completely uneasy. In brief, the most difficult person to ask about the experience of pregnancy is a pregnant woman. But then, every pregnant woman in Kenya, just like any other place, looks forward to safe delivery and an enjoyable motherhood. To get this right, it’s important to arm oneself with all the must-have items for expectant women.

Being a pregnant woman in Kenya today isn’t like it was many years back. Long gone are the years when women would carry pregnancies for the whole time yet completely ignorant about the fetus’ sex, development and estimated due dates. Ultrasound scans today make pregnant women be more prepared to welcome their bundle of joy.

How well to be ready for your soon to be born child

We may argue as long as forever about who needs to be responsible about pregnancy, childbearing and upbringing. Whatever opinions you may have, you’re very right but only if those thoughts don’t lead you to the mother, you better think again. 

Kenyan men may be slowly finding a way to be present throughout the pregnancy of their girlfriends or wives. But even as men embrace the change and become more available, a pregnant woman who really has to sacrifice her personal life to bring forth a baby bears the greatest responsibility.

If you agree that a pregnant woman takes the bulk of responsibility when it comes to getting everything right up to the delivery date then that’s real. Just forget about the nagging and cravings which your man will have to find a way to satisfy and focus on the pregnancy itself.

Pregnant women ready for child delivery

As a best practice today, pregnant women in Kenya do all within their space to prepare to receive their new kid. You’ll see many of them frequenting baby shops in the city spaces as well as the baby shops online to identify whatever the kid will need at birth and shortly thereafter.

.You’ve likely seen people holding baby showers and recently gender reveal parties just to celebrate the soon to be born kid. During such events, attendees which often include close friends carry with them presents to the mother and possibly the soon coming new member of the family. 

To be more prepared for your coming baby, going for ultrasound isn’t something to ignore. Even with possible errors in such scans or the interpretations, you have a high chance of getting the correct gender of the fetus and the expected date of delivery. This information are very crucial in your preparations for delivery. 

A lot more for the maternity preparation list

Honestly, what to have listed above in itself isn’t even near complete but just gives you what to get started with. Of course some people may prefer to also have clear cameras to capture the first few hours of the newborn and of course a nice bluetooth speaker that oozes soothing music especially if using a private maternity room. 

Soon after getting out of the maternity unit and its time to go home, the baby has to start on the long life. In short, parenting proper has just begun and it’s time to start thinking about proper baby clothes as she or he starts growing so fast. The baby will surprise you with how fast they outgrow their clothes and also have to shift to larger size diapers plus weaning and toys to go through difficult nights. 

Understanding your pregnancy process

So many changes happen in the life of pregnant women. Some of these bodily and emotional changes can be so unsettling yet its the nature of carrying a new creature within you which ones with hormonal imbalances. 

Many Kenyan pregnant women will tell you how much crazy cravings they have during their pregnancies. Of course some of these cravings can be real yet others may be debatable. Whatever the case may be, it pays to know whatever is happening within your body and with the baby in the womb.

Without getting into complicated jargons of fetal development and more, a pregnant woman needs to know that careful lifestyle is a must throughout the process. The fetus who’s slowly but surely developing depends on your lifestyle to stay healthy even long after being born.It would be tragic to overindulge and continue on a carefree lifestyle when expectant.

Depending on your individual health situation, ensure that you stick religiously to the prescribed diet for pregnant mothers. Some of these requirements can come at a very heavy cost including having to stop making frequent visits to McDonald’s and KFC for junks as well as avoiding parties which risk seeing you drinking liquor. 

Support from spouse, boyfriend 

Unlike the recent past when pregnant women bore the burden almost by themselves, guys today appreciate their place in the pregnancy period. You will see Kenyan men, accompanying their heavily expectant girlfriends or wolves to prenatal checkups without having any sense of shyness. 

If there’s any point that you need to be emotionally stable is during the pregnancy because just a small skip may trigger premature delivery or even cause stillbirths. As much as possible, getting enough concessions from your partner about being together both in person and emotionally will often result in a happy pregnancy.

Unfortunately, cases of ladies getting pregnant for men who really don’t care much about having their own kids mess up this much needed support. You may have heard hilarious comments about how Kenyan ladies who’ve been smitten by a guy, even if random, may exclaim that “wewe lazima nitakuzalia mtoi.” Those who end up making real such sentiments may throw themselves into complete murk. 

A final take

Pregancy and delivery can be a fulfilling experience for those Kenyan women who prepare for it. As much as its not possible to be one hundred percent ready sinc every pregancy and child comes with own issues, having a good newborn stater pack plus a maternity kit would make everything work out so smoothly with no regrets at all. Maybe it will only leave you longing for a next child delivery-just maybe.

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