Sanaipei Tande’s revealing outfit opens us to what Kenyan women clothing choices

We’ve never had a shortfall of Kenyan celebrities stepping out in attire which evokes mixed reactions. Probably according to them, they looked all fine only to get a rousing public backlash. Generally, the ladies’ fashion taste anywhere varies depending on a lot of things including body outlook, age, occassion and more.

Some would love denim jeans, sweat suits, pencil pants, carrot pants, others others go for dresses anyday. The multi-talented Sanaipei Tande , better known to many as Sanaa became the recent candidate for public tongue lashing. Critics called her out for sharing pictures wearing an exposing top dress. Her case gives us a snapshot of what really inspires the wardrobe mix for Kenyan babes.

Instagram Photo grab of Sanaipei Tande’s pictures that kicked off a social media storm

We can mention the so many public figures, especially celebrities who’ve gotten a beating by the online fans for a failed fashion pick. You remember Akothee the president of single mothers at one point had to take a share of lashing for exposing nudity on stage during a UK performance.

Similar backlash has befallen Youtuber Eve Mungai during a show up at Akothee wedding, Linda Ogutu, and the list is long. So these ladies worth their salt probably give us hints on not only how they decide to buy clothes vbit also the specific ones to pic for the day and proudly share with the public.

My dress my choice

We can choose to go by the common statement that my dress is my choice and the money used to buy it is mine too. But truth be told, acting the keen observer and commentator role too doesn’t make us the worst of all. There’s a way Kenyan ladies pick their clothes sometimes on point but other times ish ish and we can’t avoid feeling bothered.

Many times you’ll hear or read of the incredible Kenyan ladies who do take no prisoners and know well how to flaunt what their mama gave them. Of course there’s never a better way for them to catwalk, proudly swing around their stunning shapely bodies without having them all well packaged in equally high end clothes.

It doesn’t matter much about where a Kenyan lady buys her clothes from or how much it costs. At the end, they’ll always have this killer look that defies any questions about the clothes themselves. Look here, an average lady go for the fashionable styles.

Check facebook now and see just how many of them post pictures particularly capturing their shapely bodies clad in perfectly fitting and oftentimes revealing dresses. Its either revealing a few acres of thigh flesh, a clevage here or a bum bum there, thats what Kenyan men mischeiously refer to as strongholds.

Fashion and style adds to the glamor of the ladies

There isn’t a Kenyan lady who wouldn’t love to wake up looking stunning and fabulous each day. That is why having the right clothes matters a lot to many ladies. It is safe to say that fashion and style are both paramount when looking for the right outfit.

What should stand out when buying a cloth should be comfort and style. Remember that expensive clothes do not necessarily mean they are stylish. You can go for affordable clothes which are stylish and elegant.

As a Kenyan girl, always consider a cloth that maintains your confidence. You should also feel your best in it. Bear in mind that you are responsible for your clothing choices. Therefore, choose what you will not feel ashamed or embarrassed wearing.

The uncompromisingly fashionable Kenyan girl

Many Kenyan ladies often think that they need to spend a lot of money on clothes to look fashionable. However, that may not be the truth. It is possible to be a fashionable Kenyan girl within your budget.

You don’t require sophisticated outfits to look good. Looking fabulous is what matters most and it doesn’t necessarily mean going for sophisticated outfits. You can achieve your preferred fashionable look if you know where to shop for your outfits.

Kenyan ladies, especially Nairobi ladies are known to be pretty stylish. They’re extremely good at experimenting with anything and still look good. 

As a Kenyan lady, you should always be in the loop in matters of fashion. Remember that new trends are always coming up. That is why it is crucial that you keep up with the fashion world.

What Kenyan ladies look for when buying clothes 

When going shopping as a Kenyan lady, you should have the mindset of looking for something that meets your taste and preference. Also, consider an outfit that will last and be in style. Consider visiting places with a variety of clothes to choose from. This will aid you greatly in making the right decision. 

Before purchasing any cloth, there are several things you should look for. Some of them include;

The right store

Kenya has many stores that Kenyan ladies shop for their clothes. When looking for clothes to buy, consider the right store. Some stores don’t have the right taste of clothes while others are stocked with the perfect clothes.

Go to a store that understands what you are exactly looking for. If you are looking for an elegant outfit, go to a store that offers that. To get the best cloth in the market, ensure you have adequate information regarding clothing stores in Kenya. 

Cost of the clothes

It is important to know how much you will spend on your clothes. A lot of factors dictate the price of an outfit. This is from the quality of the fabric to where you are buying the outfit from. 

As a Kenyan lady buying an outfit, you need to understand your budget. A cloth can cost more than you budgeted for. When that happens will you still purchase it or will you stick to the money you have? The choice is yours. 

The cost also comes in with the store where you are purchasing your clothes. You do not expect clothes from Jade Collection to cost the same as those in Gikomba. Therefore, your budget will determine the clothes you will buy and where you will purchase them. 

Comfort when dressed up

When purchasing an outfit, a Kenyan girl should prioritize comfort. Go for clothes that you are comfortable with and easy to move in. Go for breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothing. However, this will depend on the weather condition of the area.

It is crucial to look into comfort when buying an outfit to ensure you don’t regret it later. Choose what you feel makes you feel good and at ease. A comfortable outfit will accentuate your confidence. 

Occasion to use the wears

When buying an outfit, a Kenyan lady looks for the right outfit suitable for an occasion. We have clothes meant for formal events and clothes for casual events. Both events require specific outfits to suit the occasion.

There is a specific way of dressing for each occasion. At times, finding the right outfit for a specific occasion may appear cumbersome. However, in the end, it will be worth it. If have the right outfit, almost everyone in those occasions will keep asking where you purchased your garments. 

Quality of the clothes

No one wants to spend money on an outfit that will not serve its purpose. That is why Kenyan girls are keen on buying quality clothes. To them, it is better to spend more on an outfit as long as its quality is top-notch.

The most important aspect of good quality outfits is that they will serve you for a long time. Kenyan ladies don’t like buying clothes every season. Don’t go for cheap and low-quality outfits that end up putting you in a pickle.

Purchasing quality clothes will help you in avoiding pill out, and loose threat or even buttons. Kenyan ladies do this by ensuring that they choose the well made garments. These are clothes made from resistant as well as durable materials. 

Image the public gets

kenyan lady doesn’t simply dress to cover her nudity or for sheer fashion. Yes that can be part of the bigger picture but she also dresses to evoke particular feelings, create an aura around her or draw attention her way. It happens especially with teh single ladies who have to do their bit to appeal to gentlemen around. Remember, men have a articular tendecny to fall for what they see first and the rest later.

Can any lady. leave alone the choosy Kenyan ones purchase a cloth that she does not like? Of course not. Therefore, a lady will only purchase something that she likes. Also, one will consider if it matches their expectations. This is because there are things you would need in a cloth. 

Moreover, if you want clothes that will stay for a long period, you need to ensure that you will love them in the long run. You need to ensure that you love everything that is in your wardrobe. You should not just purchase a cloth for the sake of it. If you feel you won’t put on a cloth again, then you should not purchase it in the first place.

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