Skincare choices that keep some Kenyan women glowing even over 40s

There’s always something sensitive about looks especially for women who really step up their game to get noticed. Not in a bad way, women naturally have a particular urge to get noticed and the skincare choices and skincare routine does it for them.

Amidst the struggle to keep up with life, shut off incessant statements like “you’re looking old” and that kind of stuff, taking up a working skincare regimen may serve to starve off the talk of you getting old. With the correct lifestyle and skincare procedures, some Kenyan women have defied age to look all time young. 

Make no mistake, how your skin looks becomes the first point people use to make conclusions about your age. Of course there’s completely nothing wrong with getting older as its a natural thing but one can choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle that keeps then looking unlike their age. That’s the art some of these glamorous women approaching their 50s have mastered so well. 

The working skincare routine declassified

  • Drink enough water regularly and consistently to get the skin hydrated at all times.
  • Protect your skin from trauma such as stopping breaking and violently scratching it
  • Make it a point to wash the skin with pure and clean water then dry it every evening to rid it off of any airborne bacteria
  • Use only clean face towels or clothes to dry up your skin after washing
  • Complement water intake with a skin moisturizer
  • Avoid burning or stinging skincare products at all costs
  • Eat healthy and avoid smoking and drinking
  • Be consistent with your regular skin care products; nothing like trying this today and that tomorrow.
  • Consult a professional dermatologist before using any processed skincare selection. This should also apply if a product you currently use shows weird reactions. 
  • Know that bleaching the skin damages its natural ability to replenish and tone. So by bleaching, you’ll have to take over through and through. Your skin may get completely ruined. 

As a lady, minding your skin health means a lot

Stepping out in style and looking sassy isn’t an option for a Kenyan lady. This isn’t to mean that Kenyan  men don’t equally have to care about their skin tones. While some may focus on the wardrobe choices and how ladies fit into their choice of clothes for the day, the skin tone on parts  of the body open to the eyes tell great tales. 

In the recent past you may have come across headlines like Sanaipei Tande  sets the internet ablaze by exposing acres of her smooth skin in sultry pictures. Maybe you’ve also seen publications that  Akothee doesn’t give a damn about what people think about her skin tone. In either case, people mind about fashion and skin condition for the women; the smoother and well hydrated, the better. You don’t owe anyone a smooth skin, yes but you honestly get more confident with well nourished, smooth and glowing skin. 

Actually, the’re certain fashion choices which by design have to expose so much of the ladies’ skin. For instance, booty shorts, backless tops, tumbo-cut and the list goes on, really exposes the skin. To be comfortable enjoying such trendy clothes, every inch of the skin needs to look well toned. 

Affordable skin care routine that may assure you a young skin without breaking a bank

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a billion dollar investment which keeps women served. From makeup, jewelry, accessories and more, women don’t mind sending their top earnings to ensure they get the desired look.

When in Nairobi, take a quick trip down to Riveroad cosmetics shops or those in Kamukunji market, Ngara market,Kariokor or Eastleigh to witness how women throng there to pick their own. But it turns out that keeping up exclusively using manufactured skin care products can be expensive.

To cut down on the expenditures on skincare, ladies ought to find a perfect balance between processed petroleum products and other home made solutions that work best at affordable prices. 

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