Tiktoker Baba Mona is dead; Kenyan women mourn him

Anyone who loves watching videos on the short film platform TikTok must have come across this charmingly handsome luo man whose mouth oozes with insightful nuggets whenever he records. Baba Mona as he is popularly known well represents talents that the Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent popularity of Tiktok uncovered. Born May Kevin Oselu, Baba Mona never held his thoughts on matters concerning relationships, dating, politics,entertainment, social life and everything else in between. His hilarious signature “ngoja kidogo, ngoja kidogo; otek matin….mtu asiscroll” made him a sensation. But the other day, the cruel fangs of death snatched him, his daughter Mona and two of his sisters in a grisly road accident on their way home. The four young souls perished on the meandering stretches of Londiani-Muhoroni highway. Kenyan women just like the men who drew inspiration, information and entertainment from his content are distraught and deeply shaken by his death. 

The sad news which social media family has to keep getting to terms with this past week and even later is the death of Baba Mona. The young sensation had his own swag of attacking senseless actions and correcting errant elements especially within the luo community. Although his content was a mix of languages, his default was dholuo which he proudly used to teach, admonish and praise depending on  the subject matter.

Baba Mona’s Family

Until his untimely death in a road crash, all we all knew about Baba Mona was him and the young daughter Mona. He could freely interact with the girl and share the videos of their happy moments but not so many bothered to ask about his wife, perhaps because in the current generation, matters of marriage can be so sensitive to ask. But now that Baba Mona has passed on alongside his bubbly Mona, people have been asking the whereabouts of mama Mona. 

Baba Mona’s family left mourning his death alongside daughter and two sisters

May Kevin Oselu is said to have a girlfriend only known by the name Nancy who currently works abroad. Reports show that Baba Mona and the child’d mother separated due to what the sensational terms irreconcilable differences that made the relationship unworkable. Its after the separatin that he got the current girlfriend, Mercy.

Although Mercy only visited Baba Mona once in a while, he seemed content with it and never shied away from maturely expressing his comfort with the long distance relationship. Baba Mona and his young girl Mona lived in a rented apartment in Nairobi and mama Mona would occasionally pay them a visit

Up until now, no lady has come out to claim having been in a relationship with Baba Mona which then shows a disciplined young man. We often see videos of randy ladies claiming to have been in some sort of scandalous relationship men upon their demise. We can conclude that either he kept his life low key or cherished his lover, Mama Mona even when away. 

Baba Mona lived close to his sisters in Nairobi and as their death when riding the same car can explain, they kept together.  and siblings. On February 24, 2023,Baba Mona, Mona and two of his sisters succumbed to injuries sustained from a horrific road accident in Kericho county.

Cause of Baba Mona’s saddening death

Reports indicate that although Baba Mona who was the driver of the ill-fated saloon car had Kisumu as his final destination, he carried along his sisters who were headed for Awasi or thereabout. But as fate would dictate, all the young souls never made it to their destinations although reports of the accident scene shows they were close home already. This would pass as a typical case of the pot breaking at the doorstep and it’s extremely sad.  

Eyewitness accounts and reports from early responders at the accident scene corroborate that the car driver, Baba Mona, lost control of the car. The car then hit guardrails and  rolled several times. The impact left the car heavily wrecked and chances of any occupant coming out alive would have been miraculous. 

Baba Mona lost his life in a typical road carnage; fly with the angels legend!

Further accounts explain that the  badly injured body of Mona was tossed out of the mangled car while the other occupants sustained major bodily injuries which claimed their lives on the spot. The deaths could have to do with excessive and continuous internal bleeding  leading to hemorrhage. Mona however passed on along the way as she was being ferried for emergency treatment at the nearby Fort Ternan hospital.

Baba Mona’s Followers deeply mourn 

It’s a reality that we all have that nobody leaves this life alive but even so, when someone goes ahead of us, we who remain behind sob our tears dry. This has been the case with Baba Mona’s followers on Tiktok and across all social media platforms. Almost all the over 180,000 subscribers that he gained on Tiktok had a thing to say about him. In fact, even new subscribers boarded the social media platform just to keep tabs with his legendary content and preserve them for posterity. 

Several supporters took to social media to pay tribute to Baba Mona and his family members. Many remembered his exceptional content creation skills, and others expressed their condolences to the family. In their last video post on 20th February, the duo danced and sang along with Ohangla song in their local dialect. The video has since gone viral as his daughter had mesmerized many with her dancing skills.

Why are Kenyan women mourning Baba Mona so deeply

Someone can criticize why anyone would pick out how Kenyan women are mourning baba Mona but truth be told, they really pour out their emotions. Even the Nairobi county woman representative Hon. Esther Passaris expressed her deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Baba Mona.

We all know that a woman follower along these social media streets gets so emotionally attached to the individual content creators. Haven’t you seen them arguing about which content creator is posh and handsome, or which content was a hit or miss? So no surprise to zoom in on the women. 

Baba Mona made a significant footing garnering good followers in social media of about two hundred thousand followers. He is quite famous for creating a lot of luo language content that resonates very well with young people especially ladies. Some of the content which really piqued Kenyan women that made them inconsolable mourn Baba Mona include;

Baba Mona’s love his daughter, Mona

Agree or disagree, women have a way of getting excited when a young man gets so cozy with a daughter and creating such an amazing father-daughter connection. In an age where women cry out for such a caliber of rare men to help raise well mannered girls and provide a much needed father figure, Baba Mona provided a great example which then drew the women closer. 

To further show baba Mona’s uniqueness, he created such a strong bond with Mona and his newfound relationship with Nancy never weakened the bond. Kenyan women will tell you that the crop of men like Baba Mona can be hard to come by in our generation so any woman would really envy his way of life. For a handsome luo man to just keep the kid feeling deeply loved without a side chick trying to create  a rift between them is amazing. 

Baba Mona’s Timeless nuggets on online dating

Baba Mona did not hold back his thoughts and sentiments about the raging topic of online dating. Today, so many women jump into online dating sites looking for elusive Mr. Right only to come out regretting it. Of course some get lucky and settle in relationships within Kenya or abroad but a sizable number end up with gnashing of teeth, wounded emotions and becoming single mothers. 

In Baba Mona’s school of thought, online dating required one to have certain qualities. He mentioned maturity and duration of meeting between the lovebirds. Ladies to have confidence in themselves and not to allow their souls to be lured easily by sweet words before they meet the ones addressing them.

Baba Mona teaches on how women want to be secured

According to ladies, security is money and reassurance that they really mean much to the man. He said in his content that many African men know that the definition of wife material is the one who can withstand problems and harsh conditions without  money. He denied although it’s really hurting but let’s speak it out. For example, give it to your situation when you lack money are you always happy? Let me leave it at that point.

Baba Mona hints on how to identify that your man cheats on you

Following his demise Kenyan women will really miss this man . He gave out signs that showed men playing with you ladies. The moment a married man starts to walk with his phone everywhere including the bathroom that’s a red flag. 

He also said that men are never satisfied with the ladies they have , immediately they start to have a lot of money and their investment is to add another wife. So ladies live with the mind of studies on how to transform your partner.

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