Tricks and hints for dating a Kenyan lady

Its all love in the air and so any single guy out there should better be alert. So many times Kenyan men have said that dating the Kenyan damsels have become so difficult. In fact many men have resorted to flings and sex dates with nothing much to expect over and above that. But is all really lost and what exactly could men do differently to completely win the heart of a Kenyan damsel? Honestly we can’t just let the beautiful Kenyan ladies keep the single tag on their social media all year round. Let’s for once pick out the tricks and hints for dating them.

Truly speaking, Kenya has some of the most attractive well built and charming ladies you can ever find around the region. Trying to beat them on beauty and charm could be a wild goose chase which explains why both local as well as those abroad keep gleaning dating sites just to find a Kenyan lady even if only for a fling. Whether searching for a kienyeji, kienyeji pro max, or modern beauty, Kenya will gift you beyond your expectation. I hear most of the queens are gorgeous, super-confident, trendy and brainy.

Give it to them; Kenyan damsels are beautiful

Even though some men express their frustration with character development in the hands of unsettled Kenyan ladies, they won’t stop appreciating their beauty. Any well cultured Kenyan man know way too well that there can never be a straight jacket kind of way to handle these beautiful “geels.”

Single men really get taken away by these pretties even if they still complain of being dissed and abandoned midway in the relationship.  Some wish to date and even make them lifetime partners. However, fear of the unknown hinders them.

Apart from the many broken marriages around them, they term dating a Kenyan woman to be 1000 ways to die. This is true especially if your wallet is not that deep. Pointedly, they’ve accused Kenyan queens, those in their prime age of 20’s to be gold diggers with endless monetary demands.

Single for life? Not with the beauties all around

Unmarried women and girls have shown displeasure in serious dating. Going by real-life stories they read and watch from channels like TUKO News, loyalty test and what have you. It’s daunting to convince women that faithful men still exist in Kenya. No wonder many would rather date married men or ‘wababaz’, without factoring in the marriage aspect.  

Although both sides seem to blame the other, deep down, such singles desire marriage adventure. They’ll laugh it off with friends, deny it all they want that marriage is not their cup of tea. Behind closed doors, marriage tops their prayer list. Enough of the blame game let’s now share tips to establish successful dating with a Kenyan woman.

Tips for dating a Kenyan woman

From scratch, it’s every woman’s or man’s wish to sustain a dating relationship. Even though you should be able to provide one or two for her, it would be best if you use the much or little prudently. Any man reading this will at least have clue on how to keep that beauty forever, see how,

Be that confident person she admires

The Kenyan woman herself is confident. Don’t just show her she can beat you on that. So first, the way you approach her from day one makes it a yes or no. Here, there’s no shortcut. To nail it, show her you are in control, though if you overdo it, you’ll be mistaken for a rude boyfriend. Importantly, share thoughts and consider both interests.

A Kenyan woman will need a man who can stand up for himself as well as the rest of the family. This means that you should be both confident and approachable. Also, when something is wrong, you need to point it out and not bring an attitude instead. 

Dress up nicely

To get it right on dates with her, freshen up, dress nicely and smell good. I tell you that this will work magic for you. Kenyan women like it when you dress modestly to look good and not to draw other people’s attention. Remember she wants you for herself, bro. You better dress in something comfy and fitting to give that casual but smart outlook because it’s not some business meeting I guess.

Do the little things

You know it’s commonly said that women are big babies. Do you also agree? Well, to some extent it’s true. As long as you are dating her, she is your baby and you are in charge. The best way to remember her small but special things is to be a keen listener. You should at least read between the lines. 

Did you ever hear her talk of birthday gifts, pulling a chair on dates or cutting her nails? Do it man, it’s worth that relationship after all. Which woman does not love gifts, especially the ones that come as a surprise. Remember, to purchase a gift, you do not need to have lots of money. All in all, small things in relationships highly count. Therefore, try your best to make the relationship a little bit spicy. 

The Major Dating Rule You Shouldn’t Forget

On every gaming table or field, there’s a rule, and matters of the heart are not an exception. While people allege dating/marriage to be a roller coaster relationship that ends in divorce, take a keen look around you. Aren’t there successful marriages and healthy dating?

As an unmarried man who’s interested in dragging a soul into your love life, benchmark. If you ask a genuine woman, she will first talk of faithfulness as the pillar. That’s the greatest commandment with a promise in dating. Just for laughs,’ Thou shall not cheat to enjoy lifelong dating.

Be reminded that women hate it when you cheat on them. The best you can do to reciprocate a woman’s love is to keep it a ratio one to one. The awful thing that leads to premature break up is infidelity. Once you’ve broken her trust, it’s too hard to trust again. Over and above, be a romantic dude.

A brief guide for dating Kenyan Women, specifically to interested Expats

 Welcome to Kenya, a country full of international beauties. From her chocolate skin complexion, tall American height, curvaceous physique, and irresistible smile, nothing can stop you from falling head over heels for these Kenyan angels. In addition to anything else you can see attractive about her, learn to keep her.

To add to the earlier listed tips that work for both local and expat men. A foreigner must show seriousness by learning the Kenyan culture like never before. Since Kenya is diverse culturally, it’s upon you to ask or read more from whichever source. If not so, learn a few Swahili words to help you communicate with natives being it is a national language.

Did you say it takes flight to travel to meet your Kenyan damsel? Well, make such an itinerary as frequent as possible. You don’t want to keep her off sight for so long, lest you eventually keep her off mind completely. You’ll talk of Skype chats and video calls, but that’s not enough, come to Kenya and meet up.

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