WRC Safari rally in Naivasha becomes a big talking point 

It’s not everyday that Kenyans step out for frenzy and enjoyment like what we saw in the past week in Naivasha. Amidst what most Kenyans have made look like an extremely bad economy, the Subaru boys, safari rally fans, revelers and anyone who wanted to unwind paced to Naivasha as the Word Rally Championship became a great spectacle.

Enthalling view of a rally car in action at the WRC in Naivasha

Naivasha isn’t new to fame-it’s here that so many sporting, political and business activities take place. But last week, multitudes, including President William Ruto joined in to spectate as the WRC happened.

Something little about the WRC that just ended in Naivasha

To be honest,Safari rally may not be as popular as lets say football or Rugby among Kenyans. The best way to know this would be taking a quick survey among those who do betting and they’ll confess it all. But based on the hype, publicity and perceptions around it as a spectacular sporting event, many found it irresistible being part of the 2023 WRC.

A glimpse ay what the WRC in Naivasha was all about

Its not difficult to  quickly get the idea of how cool Safari rally can be.  Just magine a rally driver venturing into the dusty, muddy and rugged Naivasha landscape with a ksh. 65 million Volkswagen Polo Gti to win a medal. In fact, some went ahead to participate in the WRC with Ford Fiesta R5, and Toyota GR Yaris.  

Someone may wonder why anyone would just choose to take the expensive cars into the murk, dust clouds and mud of rally tracks. But lovers of motorsport will tell you that the beauty of the sport is in the rally cars traversing such tricky jungle-like terrains. If anything, the  participants get to witness the ultimate engine power as they pull through the unpredictably difficult tracks. 

What comes to mind when someone mentions Vasha?

While all eyes remained keenly glued on the motorsport happening in Naivasha, the mention of this place elicited different thoughts. You know in Kenya, there’re some places you don’t just mention without someone looking at you twice as if to confirm some unanswered questions. 

If someone looked at you blankly this past week when you talked about your plans of going to Naivasha, just know that it’s about the name. Vasha, as merrymakers and lovers of life would call it, has been a place of controversy.

To many, Vasha is a typical sin city where singles, married people and the confused ones get to meet. Its also the place where politicians meet to hatch their next moves as businesspopele also cut deals. Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort, The Great Rift Valley  lodge, Kiboko Luxury Camp and Enashipai Resort & Spa among others feature prominently as the places where so much activity happen.

Actually in the height of events such as the 2023 WRC, you will see mischievous headlines like “shops run out of condoms as WRC in Naivasha heats up.” Only those who know Vasha well will join the dots on how WRC in Vasha and condoms are related. 

Is it true that many single ladies and guys trooped to Vasha for the 2023 WRC?

It’s one tough question to answer with surety on who and who drove down to spectate the WRC. But, anyone can agree that the president and CS for sports Hon. Ababu Namwamba attended. But of course on the sidelines and based on pictures making rounds on the social media, so many Kenyans joined.

In such events as the WRC safari rally, it’s likely that so many may take a little break off dating sites and hope to net a catch. Haven’t you seen the videos of Subaru boys in Vasha manenos? Yes they went to see the rally but over and above that, what’s being rumored could have also happened-hookups, flings and even casual making out. 

As you may understand, Safari rally has this popular perception of being a game of the rich. So, Kenyans of their means pulled out to also showcase their amazing rides on the sidelines. And you can guess what Kenyan single ladies won’t let slide away-a man with chums.

For a moment as the rally went on, you can bet that someone wanked at the other, shared a drink, and another which ended up as a trigger. Of course nothing so wrong with two people getting blown away by the fun and frenzy. 

Comedian YY and Gk Sirkal make a skit about the WRC part we did not see

A real lover of motorsport who only saw the need to go witness the WRC safari rally in Naivasha would have been very particular on what to look for. Such people would be keenly checking how the various rally drivers navigated the tricky tracks, the cars they were driving, the outlay of aerial assistance and more.

But as the sworn motorsport lovers concentrated on the serious aspects, Comedian YY and Gk Sirkal chose to showcase an untold story. In an hilarious skit, the two portray how the WRC rally presented an opportunity for hookups, cheating and all manner of illicit romantic affairs. 

Quick highlights of the 2023 WRC in Vasha

  • The sporting event pulled motor enthusiasts from across the globe 
  • Those who attended can testify to itS overall thrill.
  • Toyota squad, Hyundai and M-Sport-Ford all participated at the event
  • Drivers Kalle Rovanperä, Elfyn Evans and Sébastien Ogier took the first three positions respectively.
  • The Toyota Gazoo squad swept through the championship.
  • A lot of sideline social activities took place at the WRC and have made it a hot topic.  

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